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When you have period cramps during school and someone tries to talk to you


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Cancerians as friends


                 Their friends consider them as their library of secrets and tell them everything, knowing that they shall never spell out anything.                           Cancerians are kind and soft at heart. They understand the feelings of a people and listen to their problems as if the problems belong to them also.

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Zodiac Expressions of Happiness

♈ Aries:Decreased personal confrontations/increased justice seeking provocation, reduced impulsivity, appropriate sleeping patterns, expanded dreams and imagination, reduced outbursts, ability to let others control situations, affectionate, idealistic
♉ Taurus:Less indulgent behaviour, ability to let go of the past, endurance, patience, more comfortable with emotions, requires less materialism to feel content, balanced enjoyment between work and pleasure, affection (cheek tweaking for example), more focus on goals
♊ Gemini:Talkativeness, reduced nerves and more stable sense of self, curiosity, ability to retain and recall facts, ability to sit with uncomfortable emotions, more focus/more productive distractibility, giggles, casual demeanour, increased urgency to communicate
♋ Cancer:Reduced feelings of co-dependency, more stable sense of self, less patterns of indulgence, ability to live in the present and not the past, increased feelings of contentment and love for home and family, positive and idealistic imagination and dreams, controlled mood changes, increased urge to socialize
♌ Leo:Reduced need for outer attention, increased feelings of self assurance, generosity, fighting for causes, less theatrical demonstrations/more rational responses, decreased inner critical voices, the warmth of the sun through them, creative
♍ Virgo:Increased focus and analytical processes, decreased nerves and anxiety, less pronounced compulsions, positive inner monologue, idealism, increased self assurance, intensified urge to be of service and outreach
♎ Libra:Calm; devoid of anxiety and irrationalities, decisive, social and charming, focused/positive distractibility, reduced need for external validation, decreased urge for materials to find contentment, reduced verbal outbursts, affectionate, creative
♏ Scorpio:Decreased cynicism, adopting a more tolerant mindset, ability to consider new ideas without instant rejection, increased generosity towards close friends and family, curiosity, balanced sexual urgency, inquisitiveness, less closed off and isolated, affectionate
♐ Sagittarius:Focused/productive distractibility, casual, warm and friendly, tolerant, ability to retain information, decreased skepticism and consideration of new ideas, contentment with location and ability to live in the present, giggles, humor
♑ Capricorn:Ability to let others take control, reduced anxieties, affectionate, warm, humorous, equal work and personal life balance, positive thinking and internal monologue, less closed off and self isolated
♒ Aquarius:Talkativeness, humour and entertainment, curiosity, ability to sit with uncomfortable emotions, less fixed and more malleable in own beliefs, increased insights and mind innovations, appropriate sleeping pattern, affectionate, creative
♓ Pisces:More stable sense of self, reduced anxiety and nerves, directing positive escapism (reading, meditation yoga), empathetic, tolerant, guilt free, creative, affectionate, positive imaginations, favorable inner monologue, not oversleeping<p>So on point.</p>
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"Growth is painful. Change is painful.But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong."
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but why do i say “i know” to my pets when they make noises. im lying to them. i don’t know anything.

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Yesika Salgado - “How Not to Make Love to a Fat Girl.”

"In the past, I’ve apologized for my size with silence."

Performing during the July 2014 slam at Da Poetry Lounge in Los Angeles. Subscribe to Button on YouTube!

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